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Our aim is to prepare and equip you to excel in your studies, career or business. The landscape of education and business is moving forward at a rapid pace globally. As such, Malaysia needs to keep up with the rest of the world, so that we can also excel as global leaders.

With this as our goal, FULCRA strives to give you the best in English, Technological & Corporate training solutions, so that you can be the best in your respective fields. Before you begin your journey towards excellence with us, here’s some background information about us:

  1. We believe in balancing theory and practical knowledge
    All our programmes are designed to make it easy for you to use them successfully in your daily life.
  2. We believe that you should get your money’s worth
    We ensure that you will never see more than 10 students in a class, because you should get quality learning time and attention from us. Also, your learning is assessed, tracked and reported, so that we can help you with your unique learning needs.
  3. We believe in making a difference
    We might not make as much money as others who emphasize on quantity! But we know that by being honest in our pricing and delivery of quality, we are building long-term relationships that actually make a difference.
  4. We believe in both education and experience
    All our team members are at least Masters qualified, with a total of 102 years’ worth of experience in educational, corporate and community institutions.
  5. We believe in you!
    Desire is the first step towards success. We know that there is a purpose for you to be here on our page. We know that you want to excel. That is why we give our best, every day. We want to see you excel.