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21.Jan, 2017 0

Speaking to Express Yourself Clearly

Even the way you breathe when you’re on a stage will alter your planned speech; what more if you stand in front of a crowd unprepared without a script, sufficient practice or rehearsal? Speaking with confidence comes from content, language and presentation preparedness. Understanding the crowd you are addressing helps…

17.Jan, 2017 0

Creative Beds of Flowers in Writing

With the right gardening-tools and guided training, you can turn a plain garden into flowery beds. What’s Flowery Language? Figurative language adds colour to your writing. Writing in literal language is a skill by itself but when you are able to blend figurative language with literal language skillfully you will…

13.Jan, 2017 0

Work Hard on Your Grammar

You miss laying one brick and your dream house will surely collapse one day!! Learning grammar is equated to a house-builder learning how to lay its foundation first, and then, laying brick upon brick on that strong foundation. Every brick is carefully laid to construct the complete body of the…

12.Oct, 2016 0

Read with Your Eyes

Do you understand what you read? Is comprehension your problem? Can you easily identify the subject matter of the text you are reading? Can you differentiate between topic and main idea in any given text? Do you know what is stated in the text and what is implied? Sharpen your…